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AORPresents has been producing and creating theatre, music, and art events since 1998.

AOR has produced and created a wide variety of projects and productions including stage productions, art, and music events. Our choice of work is guided by one philosophy: Pursue work which inspires us, provokes our audience, and subject matter that we are passionate about. We hope you can support our upcoming projects and those which celebrate diversity in our community and beyond.



Some of the important people who have supported and participated in so many of AOR’s projects without whom NONE of this would have been possible. Here are some thanks and acknowlegments (in no particular order):

Mother Rao, Nisha Maya Rao, Kim Pendergast, Tina Pike, Michael Blanchard, Melissa Dawe, Jim Boone, Carol Boone, Greg Thomas, Glen Bartlett, Todd Manning, Kathryn Lear, Dana Carter, Patrick Kennedy, Neil Power, Gerard Cutris, Michael Coyne, Bill Clarke, Jason Reid, Mark Small, Toni Wiseman, June Hiscock, Jackie Sullivan, Joel Upshall, John Saunders, Michelle O’Keefe, Catherine Maclean, Christina Coady, Amy House, Vic Tilley, Ruth Lawrence, Robbie Thomas, Mark O’Brien, Mike Davis, Dan Smith, Kris Mullaly, Jeff Power, Rhiannon Morgan, Kaitlin Penney, Sarah Mackey, Brian Thoms, Jessie Power, Nicole Butt, Meghan Hollett, Dave Sullivan, Jane Parsons, Bridget Wareham, Phil Churchill, Jason Halley, Bob Parsons, Jackie Sullivan, Dana Parsons, the boys from Sunday Noise, Clint Butler, Emily Bridger, Jennifer Smith, Anna Wheeler, Stephen Dunn, Mark Denine, Laura Beth Gray, Judy Banzhaf, Monica Halitzki, Clifford Hall, Sylina Jones, Stephen Harris, Tolson Barrington, Samantha Phillips, Janet O’Reilley, Elizabeth Miller, Neil Butler, Jackie French, Emily Thompson, Terri Andrews, Barry Nichols, Todd Perry, Will Drey, Jennifer Budgell, Nicole Aksu, Shelley Cornick, Marian Wihak, Wade Tarling, Scott Mansfield, Glen Collins, Melanie O’Brien, Janet Cull, Karla Pilgrim, Leanne Kean, Glen Collins, Cullam Bruce-Lockhart, Trevor Bennett, Peter Cosco, Steve O’Connell, Michael Coady, Liz Hann, Brad Bonnell, Jim Healey, Ross Moore, Heather Costello, Shara King, Janet Bartlett, Andrea Dunne, Sarah Oates, Reggie Hynes, Keely O’Brien, Phillip Daniel, Chelsea O’Neil, Lenny O’Neil, Amy Barrett, Amy Noftall, Adam Roberts, Krizia Goulding, Mark Murphy, Maureen Ennis, Karen Ennis, Duane Andrews, Barry Canning, Billy Sutton, Glen Simmons, Amanda Molloy, Lynn Kuo, Bill Brennan, Melissa Reid, Stacey Barnes, Fionnula McMahon, Barry Buckle, Sara Hodder, Chelsea Hoskins, Olivia Heaney, Megan Hancock, Signy Gissurardottir, Victoria Howard, Robyn Breen, Amanda Chretien, Billy Sutton, Glenn Simmons, Josh and Daniella Munden, Stacey Barnes, Apryl Stead, Shannon Head, Krupa Patel, Melanie O’Brien, Melissa Dawe, Bill Gin, Gill Dreaddy, Aiden Flynn, Leslie Martin, George Robertson, Kathleen Paterno, Coco Leung, Katie Breen, Coleen Marie Browne, Ross Moore, Marthe Bernard, Alison Hicks, Ethan Bickford, Michael Lawlor, Mack Furlong, Angela Antle, Krissy Holmes, Ashley Fitzpatrick, Anthony Germain, Dr. Chris Jones, Dr. Maria Lantin, Kathleen Ritter, Simon Levin, and many others soon to be added to this list…