James D. Boone Memorial Award

This project was developed to honour the support, mentorship, and memory of James D. Boone. “Jim” was an engineer at the National Research council in St. John’s Newfoundland and did important work related to marine safety. Jim was a close family friend of John and an avid supporter of the arts and AOR Presents in particular. Jim passed away in October of 2009 after a a battle with Leukemia. There are many days when Jim’s insights still illuminate new challenges and concepts we pursue every year.

James D. Boone

Since 2009 AOR Presents has produced mentoring projects where young performers work with professional actors and technicians. For these projects, a student is selected by the mentors at the end of the production who represents Jim’s tenacity, commitment, and insight to receive the award.

Recent winners include:

Melissa Reid 2009

Ryan MacDonald 2011

Michael Lawlor 2011

Cody Basha 2012